Between circus arts and objects theatre, Baraka is a sweet and malicious show during which two characters, bartenders not having much to do, challenge each other in absurd, aesthetic or comic games, virtuoso or keeping it simple.

About show

In the steps of burlesque tradition, following such style pace, they deviate everyday objects from their primary purpose : tea pots fly and glasses dance, sugar cubes levitate in mechanical choreography, tea bags sway like snakes bewitched by a flutist…

Led by poetic and rhythmic Eastern music, the characters go on facing and pairing to bring the spectator at the limit of the theater of the absurd.

Like its own name, which is inspired by Moroccan dialect and whose meaning has little to do with luck but rather with a strong call to stop, the show is based on a misunderstanding between very distinct and mute characters waiting for Godot…

A call to stop… at least for a tea time

Professional zone

Distribution: Fred Teppe and Paul Rozaire

Lighting and general management: Florent Chartier

Costumes: Elsa Rose

Show from 5 years old for all audiences, including hearing-impaired and non-French speaking

Indoor performance of 60min

Possibility of meeting with audience and media

Recommended stage area of 7x7meters, minimum required stage area of 6x6meters, minimum height to lighting rig of 4meters

Adapted version of the show if outdoor or under bigtop/tent of 45min, only on flat, smooth and unvegetated ground

Contac: Marie Mellinger, diffusion manager, +33 6 75 21 95 08,